Lost Ark- How To Get Astella Island Soul Or Token

lost arkIn Lost Ark one of the Island Soul can be earned as a Basic Reward, what does that mean? Well, it needs to be some kind of reward obtained on the island, however, the reward is not mentioned so how to obtain Astella Island Soul? This post is specifically for those who are wondering what they are missing or did wrong.

How To Get Astella Island Soul Or Token In Lost Ark

After completing the first two quest, you will find that all the quest on the island is completed. However, there is a total of 5 questline in Astella. Explore the island and keep on collecting the star fragments.

Lost ArkWhile exploring, you will notice weird flowers and one of them would be glowing. Approach and interact to continue the island quest. Make sure that even if you are running around to complete the quests, keep on collecting the star fragments. Why? because from collecting these, you will have a chance of obtaining the Astella Island Soul or Token as shown in the image above. I have tried 100+ times to obtain the Island Token, yours might take even longer or shorter depending on the RNG.

It is a way to let you farm the fragments in order to exchange them for items or an Application Form. Keep the Island Souls or Tokens in a bulk to exchange it in one go and obtain the following rewards in Opher, the Lonely Island. For more guides on Lost Ark, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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