Lost Ark- How To Complete Shadows Mark And Get Shadow Island Soul

lost ark

In Lost Ark, most of the quests do prompt and let us locate the quest location which saves up our hustling and guide us on the path. However, there are a few quests that cannot be located and need to be found or learned by completing various other events or tasks. Similarly, if we are a collector who is focused on collecting Shadow Island Token or Soul then we need to complete all the island purple quests or Roster Quest. First, three quest segments were straightforward and require no to less attention of map as you can’t open the extension of the map in the Tower. The final quest which is to complete the Shadows Mark has no guidance so we have posted this guide for those who are stuck going up and down in the Tower of Shadow Island in an attempt to reach level 24.

How To Complete Shadows Mark And Get Shadow Island Soul In Lost Ark

Lost ArkTo complete the final quest Shadows Mark, all you need to do is go and access Tower at North Vern which is fairly near to the island. On the continent, we need to triport your way to the castle area as shown in the image. As we retrieved the quest in the Shadow Island, we all are pretty confused at the beginning to climb which Tower. The Tower it wants us is in the Military District as shown in the image. Clear the Tower up to level 24 and return back to the Shadow Island and talk to Ryndon to complete the quest and earn the Shadow Island Soul or Token.

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