Elden Ring Ranni Questline All Locations & How To Get Snow Witch Armor

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Elden Ring is an open-world action role-playing soul game developed by FromSoftware Inc. Snow witch Ranni is the NPC you meet at the starting of the game, where she offers you the ability to summon ashes. Later in the game, you will meet her at her tower and she will offer you a questline. Completing her questline will unlock an alternate ending of the game and you will also obtain a special weapon called “Dark Moon Greatsword”.

Below you will find how to complete the questline, follow the titles in order to complete the quest easily.

Elden Ring How To Obtain Snow Witch Ranni Armor, Gloves & Hat

After getting the cursemark of death, you need to visit the Renna’s Rise, there on the first floor, you will find a treasure box. Inside the treasure box, you will find the snow witch Ranni armor, gloves, and hat.

Elden Ring Ranni Questline

To start the questline you need to talk with Ranni in her tower Ranni Rise. After that go downstairs and talk with Iji, Seluvis, and then Ranni Again.

Then you need to visit Selvius in Seluvis rise and interact with him.

Then teleport to Road to the manor grace where you will find Iji and interact with him.

Then you need to visit Sifora River Wells and use the teleport to reach the underground Sifora River. There you will find and interact with Blaid near the cliff as shown in the image below.

Visit Seluvis Rise and talk with him, he will give you a letter of introduction that you need to take to a sorceress in the waypoint ruins as shown in the image below.

Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins

After giving the letter, talk with Seluvis again about Radahn, then talk with Blaid about Radahn, then head over to the Redmane Castle where you will battle Radahn. The location of Redmane Castle is shown below.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring How To Reach Nokron

After defeating Radahn, you need to go to Nokron to obtain the finger slayer blade.

Elden Ring How To Get Fingerslayer Blade

After reaching Nokron, you need to keep moving forward till you fight with Mimic Tear. From there you need to go left on the walls, and you need to take a left again when you find an open field. On the left side of the field, you will find a grace called Ancestral Woods. From there you can watch the video above to locate the fingerslayer blade.

Elden Ring How To Get The Cursemark Of Death

After getting the fingerslayer blade, go interact with Ranni again. She will give an item that will be used to obtain the Cursemark of Death.

Elden Ring How To Talk With Miniature Ranni

Elden Ring

After getting the cursemark of the death you need to visit Renna’s Rise, the location shown in the above image. There reach the top floor and you will find a teleporter that will take you to Ainsel River Main.

There you will find the Miniature Ranni that you need to collect. Then sit near a grace and you will find the option to talk with Miniature Ranni. Keep talking with her till she responds, then you need to visit Nokstella to defeat the Baleful Shadow.

Elden Ring How To Reach Nokstella

Elden Ring How To Reach Baleful Shadow In Nokstella

Elden Ring How To Get Dark Moon Ring

Elden Ring

The dark moon ring will be used to progress the questline after defeating Boss Astel. To obtain the Dark moon ring you need to visit the Raya Lucaria Library grace where you need to defeat Rennala’s boss. After defeating her you will find the ring in her room in a treasure chest.

Elden Ring How To Cross Lake Of Rot & Find Coffin

Elden Ring How To Reach Cathedral Of Manus Celes & Find Ranni’s Body

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