Elden Ring Activate Grand Lift of Dectus How To Advance Further In Game

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Elden Ring is an open-world action role-playing soul game developed by FromSoftware Inc. If you have completed The Raya Lucaria Academy and used the north gate to teleport further the bridge, you will come across the area called Grand Lift Of Dectus.

To advance further in the game you need to have a medallion that will activate the Grand Life Of Dectus, which will transport you to the new area called Atlas Plateau.

Below you will find the location of the two medallion parts to activate the grand lift of dectus and which fort to visit.

Elden Ring How To Activate Grand Lift Of Dectus

There are two parts of the medallion that you need to find in two different forts. If the lift of the dectus is not working, that means you haven’t found both the medallion parts.

Fort Haight In Limgrave

If you have reached the Grand Life Of Dectus, but haven’t explored Fort Haight, you can visit the location as shown in the above image to find the fort. Inside the fort, you will find a few enemies that you need to defeat and reach the top to find a part of the medallion.

Fort Faroth In Calied

To visit Fort Faroth you need to follow the route as shown in the above image. Near the fort faroth you will find a giant white dragon. To defeat the dragon, you need to visit its backside or near the stomach and use a weapon that builds blood loss. Now keep hitting the dragon to defeat him and you will obtain 70,000 runes.

Now inside Fort Faroth, you will find flying bats, while the first bat is easy to kill, the rest of the bat will be quite strong. You can just run past them and climb the ladder to the top to obtain the medallion part.

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