Lost Ark- Anytime, Anywhere How To Collect Information About Prisoners

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The Roster quest Anytime, Anywhere in Lost Ark needs you to collect information about prisoners on an island called Kalthertz. There is a certain Item Level requirement to enter the island and we consider that whoever searching for this guide has already accepted the quest and is in a hurry of collecting the information.

Anytime, Anywhere How To Collect Information About Prisoners In Lost Ark

To complete this quest at least we need 5k Pirate Coins. Why do we need Pirate Coins? Well, there is no marker or given location for the quest and we are confused about where to go. However, once we explore the island, you will notice a dungeon where guards are either executing the prisoners or holding them in cells.

All you need to do is Liberate them irrespective of how much they cost. To Liberate them, you will need Pirate Coins ranging from 300-900 per prisoner. Once you Liberate them, they will run away and send a gratitude gift or reward in the mail. Access the mail from the Mail Carrier Troy and collect the rewards.

Open the reward chest and it is an RNG, so you might or might not collect the required quest-related item/information. There is a daily limit on how many prisoners you can liberate. Therefore, it cannot be completed in a single day. Talk to the informant Nison later after collecting the information and end the quest. Even if you want to release or liberate the Prisoners, you can do so.

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