Elden Ring How To Summon Ashes Spirit & Use Faith Incantation

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Elden Ring is an open-world action role-playing soul game developed by FromSoftware Inc. While the souls game is quite hard to master, sometimes you need outside help. Whether it is from co-op summon or summoned spirits at one point in time you will need help with certain bosses. Below you will find how to summon ashes in this game and how to use the faith incantation.

Elden Ring How To Summon Ashes Spirit

Spirits that are summoned in this game will become your ally and help you fight tough bosses. You cannot use the summoning ashes spirit everywhere. To summon a spirit, you need to first unlock leveling up and after that teleport to the Church Elleh grace.

There you will meet an NPC called Renna who will ask you if you know how to summon your steed. After that, you need to say yes and agree with Renna and she will give you the spirit calling bell and the lone wolf spirit.

After that, you need to open your inventory and on the right side menu, you will find your pouch. You need to go to the pouch menu, select the switch option and equip the lone wolf spirit. Then you need to look for the icon as shown in the image above.

The icon will be like a purple dungeon gate, and once you see that icon, you will be able to summon the spirit. There are various different types of spirit available in this game and each cost a different amount of mana. Few of the spirits you will get at the starting of the game are Lone wolf ashes, Rat ashes, and Spirit jellyfish ashes.

Elden Ring How To Use Faith Incantation

Incantations are the spell used by mages in this game. The light attack of the mages deals magic damage and during your gameplay, you will find many incantations. But to use incantations you need to have the proper weapon.

Not all staff are compatible with every incantation, you need to find the correct staff for a specific incantation. At the beginning of the game, you will get some incantation that requires faith stats to be 10. The holy and sacred incantation can be performed by using the finger seal item.

To get the finger seal item you need to visit the roundtable hold. In the roundtable hold, go towards the left side and you will find a knight leaning on the wall, on the right side of the knight you will find door. There you will find the NPC called Twin maiden husks who will sell you the finger seal item for 800 ruins.

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