Elden Ring How To Leave Roundtable Hold & Fia Choice Result

elden ring

Elden Ring is an open-world action role-playing soul game developed by FromSoftware Inc. After discovering a few of the lost grace when you rest in one of them, Melina will come and offer you guidance to take you to the roundtable hold. A roundtable hold is a gathering place of the tarnished champions.

Elden Ring How To Leave/ Exit Roundtable Hold

To leave the Roundtable hold you need to open your map, select any other grace points and teleport to that area. This is the only way to get out of the Roundtable hold at the starting of the game.

To enter the roundtable hold similarly you need to open your map and locate the roundtable hold at the bottom left corner of the map and teleport to the grace. In the roundtable hold, you will meet the Smithing Master Hewg where you can strengthen your armament.

Armaments are your shields and weapons that can be upgraded to increase their stats. To upgrade your armaments you will need smithing points that can be obtained by exploring the map. You can also sell your other items that are not required to gain ruins.

Elden Ring Let Fia Hold You Or Refuse

In one of the rooms, you will meet a girl called Fia, who will ask you for the warmth of a champion. Doing so you will get a blessing in return. Fia wants to take some of your lifely vigour, so if you let her hold you, you will get a blessing called “Baldachin’s Blessing”.

Consuming the blessing will cost you 20FP which will buff your poise for 10 seconds. Until you use the blessing you will have a negative buff which will reduce your health by -5%. If you choose to refuse to hold her, nothing will happen and you can leave the roundtable hold onto your journey to become Elden lord.

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