Elden Ring How To Escape Sellia Crystal Tunnel

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Elden Ring is an open-world action role-playing soul game developed by FromSoftware Inc. Sellia crystal tunnel is a location that has to visit at a later part of the game, when you are quite leveled up and strong. The tunnel is located on the northeast side of the map. But at the beginning players might get teleported to the tunnel due to a trap on the treasure chest. Below you will find how to reach the tunnel and how to escape the tunnel.

Elden Ring How To Reach Sellia Crystal Tunnel

No players would like to visit this place at the beginning of the game. If you are wandering the Dragon Burnt Ruins and trying to find a treasure chest you might get disappointed. Upon fighting all the enemies when you enter the basement, you have to fight some rats.

Upon killing the rats you need to open the door and find the treasure chest. Beware the treasure chest is a trap that will teleport you to Sellia Crystal Tunnel and if you are under level the enemies there could easily kill you and you might have a hard time escaping the tunnel.

Elden Ring How To Escape Sellia Crystal Tunnel

If you have enough levels to kill a few enemies in the tunnel, you can easily farm a lot of ruins. To exit the Sellia crystal tunnel, you need to come out of the spawn room, take a right go down the slope and then again take a right.

At the end on the left side, you will find a way, there slide down the ladder and you will find a lost grace. Sit at the grace to replenish your potions and health. From there you will find a way to exit the tunnel. As soon as you are out of the tunnel, open your map and teleport to the grace you want to visit.

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