Lost Ark- How To Get Song Of Resonance Sheet Music For Lullaby Island

lost arkIn Lost Ark, we have Sheet Music and each song it holds has a specific and unique function. One of the songs in Sheet Music i.e. the Song Of Resonance is used to open the hidden spaces. However, we will need Song Of Resonance to complete the quest and event in Lullaby Island. Where to obtain Song Of Resonance, you will have to read the complete guide to understand it.

How To Get Song Of Resonance Sheet Music In Lost Ark

There are songs that can be obtained by either completing and advancing through the main story or by getting the reward drop from the island quest. Forest’s Minuet or Heavenly Harmony is the best example where the song or the Sheet Music is dropped after completing the event.

Song Of Resonance is completely different as it is found or obtained after you purchase it from a Treasure Hunter Igran who will be found in the ship’s deck at Peyto. You can search Peyto in the World Map to pinpoint its location. The Exchange shop will be selling the song for 16,500 Pirate Coins. It is a useful song that will also be used to gain Rapport or unlock one of the Sheet Music Forest’s Minuet.

Similarly, in Lullaby Island we rush learning that the event is active. However, the quest “It’s Okay, Miss Fairy” and the Song Of Resonance is almost related due to the fact that Magick Melody can only be performed when the Event is live. The reward chest for the event is only dropped when you have contributed or played Song Of Resonance at the hidden area for [Co-Op] Magick Melody.

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