Lost Ark- How Do You Make Your Weapon Glow

lost arkIn Lost Ark, we are all an adventurer who aim to be on top of the podium. Whether by standing top on the leaderboard at Events or looking fancy with your top gears. We must have seen a few classes running around with their gears glowing during the expedition or at Castle. Not gonna lie, it looks cool and intimidating. So, if you are curious about how to achieve or unlock the glow then we have got it covered.

How To Make Your Weapon Or Gear Glow In Lost Ark

We all had to focus on combat level or character level in order to unlock the endgame contents. Later we have to focus on improving our Item Level to unlock the next continent. Well, reaching a certain Item level, or to be more specific, the weapon enchanted with gear honing is the main reason for the weapon glow.

Once you have honed your gear or weapon to Level 10, it will start glowing. Even when your gears are honed or enchanted to Level 15 and Level 20, the glow or color will change. Even if after all the honing, your weapon is not glowing, make sure that the Weapon effects are not hidden in your Character Profile.

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