Nobody The Turnaround Get Cheap New Clothes & Increase Hygiene

nobody the turnaround

Nobody The Turnaround is a realistic survival simulator game developed by U.Ground Game Studio. In this game, you will get a scenario where your character is in debt and moves to a new city. The city life is harsh and you need to do small jobs at the beginning to earn your bread for the day. You will face some harsh reality and learn how to interact with other NPC through multiple, small mistakes that will have a huge effect on your day-to-day life. Manage time, resources, and money to survive and clear out your debts. Below you will find how to buy cheap new clothes and increase your hygiene in this game.

Nobody The Turnaround How To Get Cheap New Clothes

The neatness of your clothes depletes every day in this game. Near your homestay on the left side in front of the dog, you will find a guy with a loading rickshaw. At the back of the rickshaw, you will find a lot of clothes.

Interact with the guy where you will find factory direct sales clothes for 30 Chinese Yuan. If you choose to take one clothes, you have to choose one from the three random clothes. The name of the guy is Uniqoo and you can even sell your old clothes to him.

Once the neatness of your old clothes goes below 30 you can sell them for 6 Chinese Yuan. It is better to buy clothes from Uniqoo at the beginning of the game than from the fashion store as the clothes available in fashion store are quite high. Although some of the clothes from the fashion store provide bonus stats.

Note: The rickshaw won’t be there every day, so you can buy an extra pair of cheap clothes for emergencies.

Nobody The Turnaround How To Increase Hygiene

Increasing hygiene is quite important in this game as if your hygiene becomes very low you will start to stink. Once you start stinking in the game, your relation with NPC will automatically become -30 and you won’t be able to select the special dialogue that will help you in this game.

To increase your hygiene and stop stinking in the game, you need to visit the restrooms located on the right side of the job center. There are many washbasins in the park but most of the time they will give you a cold. During washing yourself you will have to select one of the three cards. Two of the cards will boost your happiness while one of the cards will give you a negative health status (Cold). After that, you need to visit the clinic to cure yourself.

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