Lost Ark- How To Get Bifrost Key And What Is Its Use

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In Lost Ark, most of our time is consumed going back and forth from one continent to another or one island from another. It is quite convenient when you have the means to travel from one continent to another via Fast Travel at the Port with the help of Ocean Liner Embarkation. It gets more troublesome when we had to visit islands to islands for the quests. To its solution, we had a free teleport that can be used every 2 hours for sweeping all quests i.e. nearby to the island marked by Bifrost. We have explained how to get more teleport slots and assign them for your efficient time management.

How To Get Bifrost Key And What Is Its Use In Lost Ark

As we mentioned earlier, it is used to mark a place where you can teleport freely irrespective of the Triport. It is useful when you mark it on the island where all other islands are nearby and approachable. Once marked by Bifrost, its cooldown reset after 24 hours which can be used to mark other islands the next day. To use Bifrost, you can either use Widgets or select Adventure then Bifrost and Save location.

If you have Crystalline Aura Benefits, the bottom slots will be available. However, the Bifrost Key needed to unlock the 2nd and 3rd slot is much more difficult than we think. There are two Bifrost Keys, first Bifrost Key will be found after reaching Roster Lvl 60 as a reward. The second Bifrost key can be obtained after collecting 9 Ignea Tokens which is the most difficult task but achievable.

Bifrost Key mark can reset their marking cooldown after investing 50 crystals. For more informative guides on Lost Ark, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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