Lost Ark- How To Get And Unlock Ghost Ship Eibern’s Wound

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In Lost Ark, each ship has its own tale to say. What about the final ship which is renowned as the towering ghost ship. Eibern’s Wound is strong and durable against the Dead Waters as well as Cold Snap Seas. However, the appearance of Ghost Ships in the form of an event is also related to obtaining the Ghost Ship Eibern’s Wound. Though the weekly appearance and limited entry might slow down your unlock speed but it is all worth it to roam in an infamous ship where death lurks.

How To Get And Unlock Ghost Ship Eibern’s Wound In Lost Ark

Keep track of the Ghost Ship appearance and complete the Rohendel story mission as fast as possible. Once you have completed the Rohendel, Una’s Task for the Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound will be unlocked i.e. Bleak Night Fog. The quest requires you to complete and defeat the one who is controlling the ship which is the boss.

To search for Ghost Ship events or their location, open the widget Procyon’s Compass and select Ghost Ship. It will notify when is the next occurrence, log in on the same day, and check when is the Ghost Ships are appearing and which one to participate in according to your Item Level. Make sure you have accepted the quest from Una’s Task. Complete this Una’s Task for 12 days in total in order to reach reputation Level 3, then you will be rewarded Eibern’s Wound, the Ghost Ship.

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