Lost Ark- Honor Shards And How To Farm Them

lost arkIn Lost Ark, while we focus on completing tasks and upgrading our Item Lvl, we are constantly consuming the resources. Once we upgrade our items from Tier 2 to Tier 3, to hone them we will need Honor Shards and Honor Leapstone. It is not difficult to get but limiting your knowledge and farming these in a monotonous way will slow down your progress and consume lots of your time. There is more than one way to get these Honor Shards and Leapstone which we have mentioned in this post.

Honor Shards And How To Farm Them In Lost Ark

To obtain Honor Shards and Honor Leapstone, one must need to unlock Punika’s dungeon which is the last continent. The Chaos Dungeon in Tier 3 i.e. Star, Moon, and Sun Level drops Tier 3 Items which include the Honor Shards and Honor Leapstone along with Guardian and Destruction Stone. Even if the Aura of Resonance fades away, farming in Chaos Dungeon will drop valuable material or resources that cannot be ignored. The only resource to keep an eye on except for Honor Shards and Leapstone will be Shard Of Purification.

Apart from Chaos Dungeon, Honor Shards can also be farmed by interacting with Exchange Chaos Dungeon Shard shopper in exchange for Shard Of Purification at the “3 Tier Exchange section“. Even the daily tasks or few quests will drop Honor Shards Pouch. However, the honing process is troublesome as the resources used will be depleted when it is not successful. You can also check in Market or at Auction House as it will be listed for purchase.

Similar to how we have been farming Harmony Shards and Life Shard, Honor Shard is no different. Honor Leapstone can be farmed from Boss Rush, Guardian Raid, and Chaos Dungeon as well. While you are rushing in to farm, make sure that your Stronghold’s Research is going well as there is specific Research that increases the success rate of honing Tier 3 Item and decreases the number of resources used permanently. Researching that will be very beneficial as few resources will be saved as well as the chance of failure will be decreased. For more informative guides on Lost Ark, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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