Lost Ark- Boss Rush Guide And How To Get Ticket

lost arkOnce we reach Combat Lvl 50 and unlock Vern Castle in the Lost Ark, multiple contents will start to unlock and each getting better than the previous ones. The Item Level will skyrocket from this instance. Each day we complete Chaos Dungeon, Abyssal Dungeon, Guardian Raids to grow our equipment and items. However, there are few drops that allow an Entrance Ticket for Cubes or Boss Rush. So, if we are curious after watching what Boss Rush is or how to earn the Entrance Ticket for it then this guide is what you need.

Boss Rush Guide And How To Get Ticket For Lost Ark

To enter Boss Rush, you will need an Entrance Ticket which can be obtained in drop or reward for completing the Tier 2 Chaos Dungeon of Yorn and Feiton. So, it is necessary to progress through the main story and unlock new dungeons and locations. If you are stuck and unable to start the Boss Rush for the first time, then check your Journal to accept the quest related to Boss Rush.

There is another way to obtain the Entrance Ticket which is via Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange. To obtain more items, you will need to start researching Guild Shop+ from the Guild Research List. Once you visit Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange shop, select Entrance Ticket and purchase Yorn Entrance Ticket Chest after watching the contents inside. There is a 33% chance that you will obtain the Entrance Ticket.

It is recommended to Accept Una’s Task, Boss Rush in the Weekly section. The free reward for the action you are going to perform is a great deal in itself. In Boss Rush, you will be defeating all the bosses till Wave 15 for the Reward Chests. These chests reward you with Life Leapstone and Gems. A higher level of gems is obtained when a higher quality of the chests are opened.

Gems are used to increase damage or reduce the cooldown of certain skills when equipped in the Gems slot. Due to the fact that refacating can be done, you can either go for damage or reduce their cooldown so you can spam the skill and chain it with other attacks. For more informative guides on Lost Ark, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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