Horizon Forbidden West Yarra Or Drakka Which Choice To Choose

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. During your gameplay, you will come across an NPC called Drakka. During the main quest broken sky, you will come across this NPC who will give you a side quest called Thirst For The Hunt.

Once you complete the quest Thirst For The Hunt, you need to talk to Jetakka in Arrowhand to obtain a quest called The Wound In The Sand. After completing that head over to Scalding Spear and interact with Jetakka again to get the quest The gate of the vanquished where you will get the first choice you need to make in the game.

In this quest, Drakka and Yarra will be in the middle of an argument that has turned bad and into a war. You with the help of Jetakka need to neutralize the situation and stop the war. Here you will get three choices from which you need to choose one. Below you will find all the choices you will get and their result and which one you should choose.

Horizon Forbidden West Drakka Or Yarra

Once the quest starts you need to reach the gate of vanquished where both the party with Jetakka will be present. While Jetakka tries to reason both Drakka and Yarra not to challenge each other for a fight, you will get three choices and how to proceed with the quest. The three choices are:

  • Speak With Yarra
  • Speak With Drakka
  • Choose A Side

Even if you choose to speak with both of them, in the end, you need to they will not listen to reason and are adamant to fight the war. If you select to choose a side you will again get three choices which are:

  • Side With Yarra
  • Side With Drakka
  • You both need to stand down

No matter whichever choice you choose the fight will happen, you need to select a side based on your judgment and whichever character you like more. Choosing you both need to stand down will make Aloy give a speech to both of them but again they refused and you will have only two choices. With whomever, you side he/she will become the leader, and the other one has to die. Each of them will give you a quest at a later stage of the game.

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