Horizon Forbidden West Unlock Shinning Waste Tallneck How To Climb

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. As you start the game, upon checking the map you will find out that the entire map is covered in fog. Now as you keep moving around the map, the fog gets clear up only on the path you have traveled.

To remove the fog of an area, you need to find, climb onto the tall necks and override them. The tall necks are quite big machines that are designed to enable long-range communication among all the machines. You can find the nodes of the tall neck on top of their disc shape head that you can override and clear the fog around the area.

There is a total of 6 tallnecks available for you to override in this game and one of the tallneck your will encounter at the beginning of the game is Shinning West Tallneck. If you open the map and check the tallneck icon of shinning waste you will find it will be locked. Upon reaching the area you will find there are no buildings or structures that will help you climb the tallneck. Below you will find how to override the shinning waste tallneck.

Horizon Forbidden West Shinning Waste Tallneck Climb & Override

To unlock the shinning waste tallneck you need to complete the main quest called The Wings Of The Ten. In this quest, you will unlock the flying mount Sunwing. It makes sense that you need a flying mount to override the tallneck as there was no other option to climb it on barren land.

Unlocking and overriding the shinning waste tallneck is a part of the quest and only after getting the quest you will be able to override the tallneck. Till that time you need to keep focusing on other parts of the game.

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