Horizon Forbidden West All Door Codes, Spinebreak & Restless Weald

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. There are various types of jobs available for you to do in this game such as the main quest, side quest, relic ruins, cauldrons, jobs, and much more.

While completing these quests or exploring the map you will encounter some door that requires a code to unlock. Usually, these codes are hidden inside the data points nearby the locked door. You need to use your focus and look out for the data points nearby. Once you have found the datapoint, open it by pressing the touch button or go to your collection. Below you will find all the locked door codes that have been found till now.

Horizon Forbidden West All Locked Door Code

Main Quest

Death’s Door Code

  • Cradle Of Echoes locked door code – 237
Side Quest
  • Forbidden Legacy First Door – 102023
  • Forbidden Legacy Second Door – 402625
Relic Ruins
  • The Daunt Locked Door Code
  • No Man’s Land Locked Door Code – 2204
  • Isle Of Spires 9th floor locked door Code – 2109
  • Isle Of Spires 7th floor locked door Code – 109
  • Isle Of Spires Ornament Locked Door Code – 2109109
  • The Base Locked Door Code – 9626118

Horizon Forbidden West Spinebreak Code

Spinebreak is one of the caves that you will encounter in the southeastern part of the map. Inside the cave, you need to shoot the barrel with fire to create a hole in the wall. There you need to scan for any data point that contains the code of the spine break door. The code you will find from the datapoint that will unlock the spine break code is 2054.

Horizon Forbidden West Restless Weald

Restless Weald is one of the relic ruins that you will find at the beginning of the game. The required level to complete this relic ruin is 15. To obtain the ornament you need to unlock the locked door using the code. To code for the restless weald, relic rune is 1923.

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