The Long Coast Relic Ruin Horizon Forbidden West Reach The Ornament

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. The Long Coast is one of the relic ruins that you will find in the southwest part of the map. The required level of this ruin is 25, but can be completed sooner its only exploring and solving puzzles to reach the ornament. You won’t find any machines nearby the ruins. Below you will find how to solve the long coast relic ruin puzzle and reach the ornament.

Horizon Forbidden West The Long Coast Relic Ruin

As you enter the ruin you will find two rooms. In the first room, you need to climb the stairs to reach the battery. Take out the battery and use it beside the elevator to power it up. Now to reach the ornament you will need two crates.

To find the first crate you need to visit the location shown in the above image and advance from there to reach the crystals at the end of the second room. Break the crystals using ignite and look back to find a hole through which you can see the lever.

Note: After pulling the lever you need to be quick to use the pullcaster on the lights and jump backward to find the first crate.

Now use your pullcaster to pull the lever and look to your left top side to find hanging lights. You can double-tap the X button to use the pull caster on the lights and jump backward to find the first crate. Take the crate near the elevator.

Now on the 1st floor right side of the elevator, you will find a path that you reach by using pullcaster. There use your focus to find the highlighted area on your left side to climb the tower. Climb to the top of the tower onto the beam and jump from there to the second room using glide.

There you will find the second crate, use ignite to blow up the crystals, and make a path to take the crate to the elevator.

Note: First take one crate to the upper floor and pull it out of the elevator. Then jump down and call the elevator from outside. Now again go top and push the crate on top of the elevator. The second crate must be inside the elevator. Climb from inside the elevator using crates to reach the ornament

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