Lost Ark- How To Increase Success Rate of Items Honing Permanently

lost arkIn Lost Ark, since the beginning, we have been finding or purchasing new equipment to increase your Item Level. Once we reach Combat Lvl 50 and enter Vern to advance through the storyline, we learned how to hone equipment or items. One of the endgame shops i.e. Craft Abyss Equipment sells items that are undeniably the best equipment. However, the process of honing at a later stage is difficult as the chances of successfully honing an item are very low compared to the earlier stages. In this post, we are explaining how you can permanently increase the success rate of honing items up to 20%.

How To Increase Success Rate of Items Honing Permanently In Lost Ark

We almost ignore the stronghold and focus on the main story or increase the Item level exclusively. This practice is done by almost all of us to progress endgame, however, it is also recommended to check your stronghold and always keep your Research going. Among the numerous Research, each of them has certain uses.

We learned that when you achieve Item Lvl 802 with any character i.e. usually on your main will allow you to research under Roster Help (Increase Tier 1 Honing Success Rate). It increases the success rate of Tier 1 Lv.302 Equipment Level from 1 to 15. Required Materials to start the Research includes:

  • Iron Ore: 3
  • Timber: 3
  • Required Action Energy: 495
  • Gold: 80

Another Research that comes under Roster Help is “Reduce Required XP for Tier 1 Honing” which allows the consumption of resources to decrease up to 20% that includes only Harmony Shards. Similarly, Tier 2 items, as well as Tier 3 success rate, can be increased by researching in the Stronghold after you have reached Lvl 1302 and Lvl 1385 respectively.

It is useful when gearing up and increasing the Item Level of your Alt characters from your Roster. This is the most efficient way which should be practiced in your Alt characters to save lots of resources and time. For more informative guides on Lost Ark, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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