Lost Ark- How To Get Or Unlock Astray The Fastest Ship

lost arkIn Lost Ark, we have a total of 8 ships that can be owned permanently by your character. As we keep progressing through the story and complete the quests we unlock and own ship one by one. However, this will not be the case for the later ships as they have some conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to unlock and own it. As long as the rumor spreads of Astray, it is said to be the fastest ship among all. To obtain an Astray is one of the tedious jobs to do as we all wish to unlock and own it to make exploration in the ocean easy, therefore, we have brought up this guide for those who are struggling and do not know how to get it.

How To Get Or Unlock Astray The Fastest Ship In Lost Ark

The Astray is described as “A pirate ship that boasts the highest speed among all ships of the same caliber. Decently resistant to all hazardous water types. Good luck to whoever finds the Star of Pirates”. From East Luterra, Wavestrand Port there is an island nearby which is surrounded by the Tempest Sea i.e. Blackfang’s Den. Once you reach the island, you might or might not complete the tasks and later interact with the Astray Shipbuilder, Belrod. To craft Astray, the required materials needed are mentioned as follow:

  • Astray Construction Blueprint (1)
  • Astray Operational Manual (1)
  • Certificate Of Pirate (1)
  • Timber (570)
  • Uncommon Ship Parts Material (375)

Astray Operational Manual

On the same island, we need to interact with an Exclusive Crew Exchange, Mariner Rosa which will be selling the Astray Operational Manual. Under Special Sales, you will need to purchase Pirate Star: Astray which will cost you 300,000 Pirate Coins.

Astray Construction Blueprint 

First and foremost you will need to access Una’s Task. These are the following steps you need to perform in order to find and complete the task that rewards your blueprint.

  1. Press [Alt+J] or under Adventure select Una’s Task.
  2. Once the window appears, select Reputation Status
  3. At Search Bar, search and select Astray Construction Blueprint.
  4. Click on the search icon below Reputation Info of the quest Pirate Star: Astray.
  5. It will show the quest that is need to be done i.e. She Drifts, Sea Gifts.
  6. Repeat the task daily to reach Level 3 and earn the reward. (It will take 25 days minimum)

The task “She Drifts, Sea Gifts” might be unavailable if you have not completed the quests of Rohendel. Complete one of the Sailing co-op tasks and you are good to go.

Certificate Of Pirate

Similarly to obtain a Certificate of Pirate, you will need to search for it in the Reputation Status as we explained before. Select the task “Pest Control” for 15 days to reach Level 3 and earn the reward. The quest is an island quest where you defeat the bandits or Captain who spawns periodically at Blackfang’s Den.

Once all the key materials along with timber and ship parts are collected. Craft the ship which will cost you 10,000 Silver coins and get ready to feel the breeze. For more informative guides on Lost Ark, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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