Lost Ark- How To Get Heavenly Harmony Song Or Sheet Music

lost arkIn Lost Ark, we are allowed to participate in events that include Co-op sailing or to wait for a secret island to emerge from the ocean at a specific time. There are certain rewards that can be viewed when you hover your cursor around the upcoming event. If you want to participate in one of these then you can track and set an alarm to remind you. There are few islands that drop Sheet Music or songs to learn as a reward and specifically if we are in search of Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music

How To Get Heavenly Harmony Song Or Sheet Music In Lost Ark

To unlock Heavenly Harmony Sheet music or song, then you will have to travel towards Rohendel because the Harmony Island will emerge nearby. To check whether today we have an event or not, you can click on the widget Procyon’s Compass and check Adventure Island. You can check the rewards, however, it is not guaranteed but the only way to obtain the Sheet Music.

Heavenly Harmony is only found in these mentioned chests:

  • Chest Of Clear Sound
  • Chest Of Aromatic Sound
  • Chest Of Sparkling Sound

Complete the event and according to the contribution you have made, the rewards or chest will be distributed. Any chest i.e. rewarded for the event has a chance to obtain Heavenly Harmony song. If we are not lucky, then we might have to repeat the event again. For more informative guides on Lost Ark, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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