Horizon Forbidden West Vista Point Daunt, Plainsong, & Scalding Spear

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. While exploring the map you will come across an eye icon on the map in the middle with a V symbol. These icons represent the vista points in the game.

The vista points are the old tower that shows Aloy a hologram vision of the old world. You need to visit these towers and scan with your focus, then align the vista image with nearby surroundings to get a glimpse of the old world. Finding these spots can be a bit tricky as the game doesn’t help you much, but Aloy will keep hinting at you so that you will find the correct spot.

Below you will find the location of three vista points that you can find at the beginning of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West The Daunt Vista Point

This is the first vista point that you will find at the starting of the game near The Daunt Ruins. Once you find the tower use focus to scan it and to find the vista point, you need to face towards the daunt ruins. You need to stand on the opposite side of the river where there will be a broken bridge and look directly at the daunt ruins to activate the old-world image.

Horizon Forbidden West Plainsong Vista Point

The plainsong vista point is located above the cliff. Once you scan the tower, climb the cliff and look out for two big broken windmills. Behind the windmills, you will find a broken structure at the edge of the cliff as shown in the above image. Climb the broken structure and look towards the windmill with your vista image to find the vista point and complete the quest.

Horizon Forbidden West Scalding Spear Vista Point

The scalding spear vista point can be a bit hard to complete if you are below level 20 as it’s near to the Sunwing nest. You can either hide from Sunwing and quickly use your vista image at the location to complete the quest. Else kill the Sunwing’s and then use your vista point.

Near the Sunwing’s nest, you will find two abandoned structures, you need to climb onto the right side structure. You can climb the right side structure with help of the fallen trunk. Check out the above video if you are having trouble finding the vista point.

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