Horizon Forbidden West How To Override / Mount Clawstrider & Sunwing

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. The game features quite a big map that can’t be traveled only by foot. You can fast travel in this game for free from campfire to campfire or use a travel pack to fast travel a campfire from anywhere on the map.

But even reaching the campfire by foot to free fast travel can be difficult most of the time, so to avoid that you can tame a machine and ride it as a mount. To tame a machine you need to go stealthily behind its back and press the triangle button to override it. Not all the machines can be overridden, at the beginning of the game you can only override the charger and the bristlebacks, not the apex ones.

Below you will find how to override the claw strider and flying mount Sunwing in this game. You can also check out our previous guide on how to override a plowhorn and set it to aggressive mode.

Horizon Forbidden West How To Mount Clawstrider

Although Clawstrider’s description says they are agile and fast, if you try to mount and ride one, the machine is quite slow. To be able to override a Clawstrider, you will need to first reach level 22 and complete the Cauldron IOTA. Once you complete the IOTA you will be able to tame the clawstrider machine and mount them.

Horizon Forbidden West Sunwing Flying Mount Override

Sunwing’s are the flying machines you will find around the map. One of the Sunwing nests will be near the Scalding spears vista point. To be able to tame or override the Sunwing machine, you need to complete one of the main quests in this game called “The Wings Of The Ten”. Once you have completed this quest you will be able to override Sunwing and summon them to fly anytime you want by pressing the down D-pad.

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