Lost Ark- The Stone Of Power Quest Walkthrough

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In Lost Ark, a few of the quests cannot be tracked as their tasks are well mentioned along with some hints to where they can be completed. Similarly, in the Roster quest, we receive “The Stone Of Power”¬†where we have to complete three main tasks but if you want to locate the mission, it will not be given. Therefore we have compiled a small post related to where you want to go and do in order to complete the quest very quickly.

The Stone Of Power Quest Walkthrough For Lost Ark

Tortoyk’s Heart and Yudia’s Morai Ruins
  1. Collect pieces of the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok (0/15)
  2. Collect the Pebbling’s stone fragments
  3. Collect the 4th Claw of Thanatos

The first two tasks will be completed simultaneously after progressing 20-25% of the dungeon “Tortoyk’s Heart” successfully in Tortoyk continent which is the left side of Anikka. Once the task is done, leave the dungeon with the help of Song Of Escape.

The final task requires you to travel back to East Luterra and teleport to one of the Triport “Submerged Ruins” in Yudia which is near to the Morai Ruins dungeon. Complete and defeat Thanatos again to complete the task.

Talk to the legendary blacksmith on Serenity Isle.

When you return back to the Serenity Isle which is an island and completes the quest, the next final quest obtained from the Legendary Blacksmith to defeat Metomus will reward Serenity Isle Token.

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