Lost Ark Regrets Find X Interrogate The Regulators At The Dynamo Core

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Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Smilegate. There are plethoras of quests and sub-quests available in this game for you to complete. Each continent has various subcontinents available for you to visit and clear.

One such continent you will visit will be Arthetine. In the Arthetine continent, you need to visit the area called Scraplands where you will get the side quest “Regrets” from a fallen soldier. To complete the quest you need to interrogate regulators at the dynamo core and find the culprit. If you visit the marked location and talk to the first NPC you might feel that the quest is bugged. Below you will find how to complete this quest easily.

Lost Ark Regrets Find X

Once you start the quest you will find the quest marker nearby where you need to visit. Once you visit the marked location and interact with the NPC nothing will happen because you need to find what happened to Sabel. The quest is not bugged because if you will open the map, you will find two other markers across the cableway.

You need to visit the middle marker where you will find an NPC called Regulator Milla. Once you start interacting with her, the quest symbol regrets appear and you need to ask the right questions to complete the quest.

The correct question you need to ask are:

  • Do you know Sabel?
  • Why are you using past tense?
  • There’s a note that you might want to see.

After asking the correct question, she will admit that she killed sable as she came in her way of the plan. She didn’t mean to and there is no need to arrest her, she will surrender himself. Now go report the incident to Regulator Hans and the quest will be completed.

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