Lost Ark- How To Turn Back Into Clown And Smuggler

lost arkIn Lost Ark, there are various types of quests and it also includes infiltration by disguising and gathering information or performing some crucial task. If we lose the disguise, it gets troublesome if we don’t know how to equip your disguise back. Either you lose the quest and restart again or there would be a horde of enemies waiting to stomp you and end the quest. Both clown and smuggler disguises are in different quests at East Luterra and Arthetine¬†continent but they both have the same type of mechanics of disguising. Therefore even if we lose the disguise there is a way which we will explain in this post.

How To Turn Back Into Clown At Where Did They All Go? In Lost Ark

At East Luterra, we will obtain the quest “Where Did They All Go?”, at Dalian Orchard. You will use the trumpet by pressing F5 and turn into a clown, however, once you return back to normal while doing the quest, pressing F5 again doesn’t work again. In order to gain access to the clown trumpet, you will have to open the inventory and there would be Quest Item next to the Dismantle button where all the necessary Quest items are stored as shown in the image.

Lost Ark

How To Turn Back Into Smuggler At Collecting Smuggled Goods In Lost Ark

At Arthetine, we disguise ourselves as a smuggler and walk a mile talking to various people in order to gain access to the smuggled goods. Even if you lose the disguise, open the Inventory and open the Quest Items where Smuggler’s clothes can be equipped.

There are a few types of infiltration quests where you can’t turn off your disguise or get caught which will lead to an immediate quest failure. Here, we need to be aware and patience. Rest if you somehow press R and turn off the disguise, look for Quest Item, and Right-click to use it to continue your quest.

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