Lost Ark- How To Do Guilds Weekly Task For Logging, Hunting, Mining

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In Lost Ark, we are eligible to join the guild from an early stage and the game teaches us how to Donate and complete the weekly tasks to earn more rewards i.e. Sylmael Bloodstone and more. We accept Weekly Tasks in order to earn more resources because who says no to the reward. The problem is even if we select the task and act appropriately, for example- we Hunt Rabbits for Rough Leather, even if we kill one and carve to obtain the meat and leather, it says we found Tough Leather. Is it due to the fact we get Tough instead of Rough and both are different or there is another reason for the hunting task to not go up in Guilds Weekly Task?

How To Do Guilds Weekly Task For Logging, Hunting, Mining In Lost Ark

Well to tell you the truth, if you are not Level 50 and do not have Una’s Task, you will not be able to do any weekly task for your guilds as it will not contribute or register anything. Once you reach Combat level 50 and reach Vern Castle, on the Military District you will be taught about Una’s Task. Under Una’s Task, you can accept the Weekly Task selected by your Guild Leader.

In the case of Hunting, as we were speaking earlier, you will hunt and carve a rabbit one at a time. Even if you get multiple Tough Leather or get none, the Rough leather count will go up per carving. It is due to the fact Tough and Rough Leather are totally different. Rough Leather will be stored in Quest Items which is next to the dismantle icon, whereas Tough Leather is stored or registered under the Storage icon.

Lost ArkSimilarly, any other Weekly Tasks can be completed once you unlock Una’s Task by pressing [Alt+J] and accepting the quest. Logging drops Tree Seeds” and Mining drop “Magnetite Debris”  in Quest Items. For more guides on Lost Ark, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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