Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruins The Daunt Door Code

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. Relic Ruins are abandoned buildings where inside you can find some ornaments and also complete the relic ruin quest to obtain a huge amount of XP and skill points.

There are various ruins scattered across the map and once you reach near a relic ruin your quest automatically gets registration that you can complete whenever you feel like it. The first relic ruin you will encounter in this game is The Daunt. You need to find solve some puzzles and find the locked door key and code to complete the quest and get the ornament. Below you will find how to complete the quest and the locked door code.

Horizon Forbidden West The Daunt Relic Ruin Locked Door Code

The code to the locked door is 1705. To find the door code you need to visit the second room of the relic ruins and read the datapoint till the end. There is a total of 3 rooms, a balcony and a locked door you will find in this relic ruin.

The encryption key can be found on the balcony which you can reach by crossing the third room. To complete the first room you need to pull the crate and use it to climb the upper floor near the locked door. From there go to the balcony, and reach the second room.

There you will find the datapoint that contains the locked door code. Look up and you will find another crate, pull that with your pullcaster and climb on the crate to reach the upper floor. Use your focus and you will find a vent and a beam that you can pull using pullcaster. Use the crate to climb onto the beam and then into the vent that will take you to the third room.

In the third room, you need to go underground and at the end, you will find a collapsable ceiling. Use your pullcaster to break the ceiling. While entering the tunnel use your focus and you will find a ledge that you can climb and reach the roof and then the balcony to get the key. To climb the ledge you need to bring the crate down underground from the ceiling that you collapsed.

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