Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble Find Blockage & Go To Mine Cart

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. Deep trouble is one of the side quests you will find on the north side of the camp Chainscrape. Near the mines, there will be a fire and you need to talk to Korvend and he will tell you that two of his people are stuck in the mines and need help.

You need to enter the mines, locate the miners and help them by clearing the water that has been flooded. Below you will find how to help the miners, find the blockage and reach the mine cart.

Horizon Forbidden West Deep Trouble

To enter the mine you need to swim underwater and then come out of the water on the other side. Once you come out of the water, Aloy will give a shout for the miners. After that, you need to go underwater again and swim towards the right side to find the miners.

Once you find the miners you need to find the blockage and destroy it to clear out the water and help the miners. After that dive underwater and follow the marker to find the blockage, once you have done that you need to reach the mine cart.

To reach the mine cart swim across the water to the other side plank and use the ladder to go up. Then keep moving forward until you find borrowers’ machines. You can either kill them or use stealth modes to get past them. To use the stealth mode you need to hit the fungus with the arrow, which will release a cloud of spores that will obstruct visual detection.

At the end left side of the room, you will find the path along the mine cart track that you need to follow and you will reach a platform with a ladder in front of you. Make sure to drop the ladder and use your pull caster on the beam above you to pull it towards you. After that climb the beam and reach the cart that you need to push with explosive and clear the water.

Note: If you are stuck somewhere during the quest and need to find your way, check out the video above.

If you have completed all the Chainscrape quests, at the end of the quest while talking with Korvend he will mention that Ulvund’s been threatening them to make those people work in mines. To which Aloy will tell that Ulvund has been out of the Chainscrape and they don’t have to worry anymore. The end cutscene changes depending on if you have completed the Chainscrape quest or not.

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