Lost Ark- Splendid Key Of Oblivion And Mokoko Seeds At Lost City

lost ark

In Lost Ark, there are continents and islands all throughout the world map which can be accessed or unlocked after a certain stage. An Epic item found in one of such islands is “Splendid Key Of Oblivion”.  It can be used to open a special Treasure Chest which is located in the Lost City as per the information in your key, however, the location is not revealed on the map. Therefore we have mentioned where Splendid Key Of Oblivion can be used.

Splendid Key Of Oblivion At Lost City In Lost Ark

Lost Ark

Lost City is located below the port of East Luterra near the Black Stone Marina as shown in the image above. Inside the Lost City, you will have to perform a bunch of tasks which is a nice way to earn a High Seas Coin Chest. Once you complete all the quests you will be rewarded Splendid Key Of Oblivion.

Lost Ark

This key can be used on the specific Treasure Box i.e. Forgotten Treasure Box placed in this area behind the wall which can be destroyed as shown in the image above. Over all the hype, the reward might disappoint you as there would be a bunch of extra silver and ancient silver coins.

Mokoko Seeds At Lost City In Lost Ark

Lost Ark

To collect all the 7 Mokoko Seeds we have also shown an image that can be used as a reference to find it. The top 4 Mokoko Seeds can be found once you travel all the way to the NorthWest part where at the top of the stairs, you will find a lever that can be activated. Activate and hop on the darkest part of the map. Check the grasses as to where you will find the first Mokoko seeds hidden near the second lever and the second seed as well on your path forward. The final two will be found on the final platform where you will hop.

The two Mokoko seeds shown in the West part of the map are found in the hidden location where you can fish. Behind the Treasure Chest, you can break the wall easily to reveal a hidden path where you can also fish. Check the grasses carefully as to where both will be hidden. The final Mokoko seed found near the starting point at the Eastern part of the map is inside the hut. Enter the hut to reveal the Mokoko seed inside that can be interacted.

For more informative guides on Lost Ark, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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