Lost Ark- How And Where To Use Knight’s Oath For Crafting

lost arkIn Lost Ark, Knight’s Oath is an Epic Tier 1 Item i.e. used to craft special equipment. After completing Abyssal Dungeon specifically we are rewarded Knight’s Oath as a drop along with other items. These are the main ingredients i.e. required to craft any epic tier gears. The problem is where to craft or use the item Knight’s Oath?

How And Where To Use Knight’s Oath For Crafting In Lost Ark

Lost Ark

There is only one merchant who deals with such Abyssal items in North Vern i.e. Karleesa who can be found in the Crafting District as shown in the image above. The sword symbol is shown in the map actually deals with Abyss equipment where Knight’s Oath is used as a primary ingredient. Once you meet the requirement to craft an item from the Seraphic Oath set, it is notified that the set can be equipped in pairs or whole to get certain bonuses.

If we craft the complete set and hone it to increase the equipment set level then it will be devastating for enemies as the weapon level will increase dramatically. The Basic Effect stats are normal, whereas the Bonus Effect stats are abnormally high compared to other weapons and apart from that you will also get set bonuses. You can also Gear Transfer to enjoy the current level of your honed weapon which is a very useful mechanic.

Under Craft Abyss Equipment, you will be able to craft endgame weapons after you have successfully collected all the resources that are required for the respective equipment. Now, if you want new equipment to be crafted from abyssal resources, then we know where to go now in the future. For more guides on Lost Ark, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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