Horizon Forbidden West The Deluge Find Entrance & Move The Crane

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. The deluge is a side quest that you can obtain while on your way to Salt Bite. In this side quest, you need to save the survivors that are trapped in their village due to a mudslide.

This quest can be a little big, as you need to save survivors in three different locations. Below you will find how to reach these survivors, find the entrance to the broken tower and move the crane.

Horizon Forbidden West How To Enter The Metal Tower

To enter the metal tower you need to use focus on your nearby surrounding and look for a tree. The tree will be on the right side of the second broken tower. Once you have used your focus on the tree, interact with the tree to drop it on the broken tower.

Use the tower to go inside and help the survivors. You need to use your full caster in various areas and climb up the tower. Once you are on the top of the tower, make sure to lower the ladder for the survivors. Even if you forget and drop down inside the tower, the quest will change and you need to find a different route for the survivors.

Once you have helped the survivors trapped on the metal tower, you need to find the second group of survivors and fight with the Snapmaw machine. After helping the second group of survivors, you need reach the middle of the village and move the crane to help the third group of survivors.

Horizon Forbidden West Search A Way To Move The Crane

At first, you need to pull the beam out to clear the rubble. After that, you need to search for a way to move the crane. You need to dive underwater and look for crystals that can be ignited. Check out the above image to find the crystal’s location.

Once you have found the crystal ignite them, which will create a blast and help move the crane. After that, you need to lower the crane arm to reach the cliff. For that, you need to use the pull caster on the right side of the crane and follow the marker to complete the quest.

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