Horizon Forbidden West Plowhorn Override Horn & Primary Nerve

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. Plowhorn override is a job quest that you can activate from your base fabrication terminal. Once you have defeated the plowhorn machine and created a base, you can find the fabrication terminal in one of the rooms.

Once you have completed the quest, you will be able to override the plowhorn machine you encounter on the map. To complete this quest you will need 3 plowhorn horns and 1 plowhorn primary nerve.

Horizon Forbidden West Find Plowhorn Horn & Primary Nerve Location

Once you formed the base with GAIA, you need to visit the location marked in the above image. Once you reach there you will find the plowhorns nest. There you will find 2 plowhorn whom you defeat to defeat and extract the resources required for the job. Plowhorns are quite strong machines and you need to be careful while dealing with them, make sure you have all the gears and berries before initiating combat.

Once you have got the quest resources you will have to go back to the base and interact with the fabrication terminal. There you need to craft the plowhorn overdrive and you will be able to override the plowhorns from now on.

To override a plowhorn you need to visit their backside stealthy and hold the triangle button. You can also override them when they are down from a heavy attack. Override only doesn’t seem to do much, it’s just they will stop attacking you and you can attack them for a certain period of time. Once the override gets over they will start attacking you.

You can increase the duration of the override by upgrading the machine skills. There you will also find an upgrade called Override Subroutines that lets you choose to either set a machine in aggressive or defensive mode while overriding.

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