Lost Ark- How To Get Or Farm Adept Or Expert Craft Kit

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In Lost Ark, there are multiple resources that we can find in every area while exploring and completing missions. We tend to ignore resources such as plants, trees, ores, etc. however these are responsible for increasing the Trade Skills level. On the Trade Skills page, we can unequip low-level tools and replace them with higher rarity tools such as Epic or Legendary. To obtain Epic or Legendary Tools, we will need an Adept Craft Kit or Expert Craft Kit. There are various ways to obtain these kits and thus we have explained in this guide.

How To Get Adept Or Expert Craft Kit In Lost Ark

First of all, Adept Craft Kit and Expert Craft Kits are not obtained easily or found easily. If you are in hurry, all you need is to spend a few to more gold coins depending on the market listing. To access the market you can use the widget i.e. below the mini-map.

In the market, click on “Trader” then click on “other”. Now, you will be able to see how much it is listed for. Apart from Market, you can obtain the Craft Kits from completing a secret Dungeon. Where to get these secret dungeons?

In your Stronghold, you can craft Secret Maps which will lead you to an entrance of a Secret Dungeon. After defeating the secret dungeon, you will obtain the chest as a reward at the end where Adept or Expert Craft Kits can be found.

Additional Info: “Loot Hunter” Passive skill which is obtained when you reach Lvl 10 in Excavating. The passive skill helps spawn a Treasure Chest alongside the Relics. It is unlikely that Treasure Chest will spawn easily as its chances are very low. Who knows we might get lucky!

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