Horizon Forbidden West Find A Way To The Inner Gene-Locked Hatch

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. In one of the main quests called Death’s Door, you will come across a sub-quest where you need to find a way to the inner gene-locked hatch. Once you are inside the data center you will get this sub-quest. To complete this quest you need to do some climbing across the abandoned facility to reach the hatch.

While the sub quest seems to be easy but you might spend some time completing it, if you fall down while finding the way, you need to swim again to a certain checkpoint and retry. Below you will find the walkthrough to easily complete this sub-quest. If you are unable to find the code for the locked door in this quest, you can check out our previous guide on how to open the death’s door locked door.

Horizon Forbidden West Way To The Inner Gene-Locked Hatch Walkthrough

First, you need to use the poles to go through the left side and use the pull caster. After that use the pillar to reach the other side and on the top of the door, you will find a vent. Use the vent to go inside the room and on the left side, you will find an energy cell that you need to use to unlock the door.

After that climb up and push the crate down which will make the way for you to go down. There use the crate to climb the upper platform and destroy the crystals with the igniter, then use the energy cell to open the door.

Note: Do not forget to put the ladder down as it will help if you fall down in the water and you don’t have to go all the back to the starting point

Climb up the ladder on your left side and use the poles to reach the other side, you will need to use your glider. Once you are on the other side, put the ladder down and enter through the door. Open the locked door and keep moving forward. Then climb up the broken elevator to go to the top floor.

Once you are outside use the iron plank and grab the pillar in front of you. Go to the other side of the pillar and drop down to the iron plank. Use your pullcaster on the blue metal lock and go to the other side. Then again use your pullcaster and grapple to the other pole and reach the hatch.

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