Horizon Forbidden West Explorer Vs Guided Mode Which One To Choose

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. After launching the game for the first time and starting a new play, you will get an option to choose either the explorer mode or the guided mode.

Explorer Mode is for experienced players who already have played a lot of open-world games and want a challenge. Guided mode is for the new players who want to enjoy the story and don’t focus on exploring by themselves.

Below you will find a brief guide on which mode you should choose the guided or explorer and how to change the modes from the setting during your gameplay.

Explorer Or Guided Horizon Forbidden West

If you select the guided mode, you can see the quest markers and follow them to complete the quest. These quest marker not only shows you the final destination but also shows you which path to take to reach there.

Sometimes in the wild or abandoned facility, you need to do some climbing through the poles, pillars, and much more. If you have selected the guided mode, there will always be a marker on the screen showing you which way to go and how many steps are required to reach there. In guided mode, you don’t have to get stuck looking for a way and focus on enjoying the Horizon story.

In explorer mode, you will face some challenges as there will be no quest hud marker. No direction on which way to go, you need to open the world map and check the location you need to visit. You can also check your compass at the top of the screen and decide your way on your own which path will be the shortest. You can just open your map and place a marker on the quest and it will show you which pathway to choose from.

Note: The main difference between both the modes is that in guided mode hud marker shows you how many steps are required to reach the quest area and which roads to take to reach there. The roads are already marked on the map and you just need to follow the marker.

How To Change Explorer Or Guided Mode

To change the mode during your gameplay you can visit the settings in the general setting, you will find quest pathfinding and waypoint pathfinding. There you can choose to either select the guided or explorer mode.

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