Lost Ark- Disorder Crystals And Perception Shard Vendor Location

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In Lost Ark, one of the endgame activities is Chaos Dungeon. To all who are curious about how to unlock or activate the Chaos Dungeon is to reach Combat Lvl 50. Simple isn’t it! Well not so simple if you think back all of the grinds but this is one of the sweetest and most rewarding events we unlock quite early. Continue on completing the main quest and on the city Vern Castle, you will talk to Professor Ronatas about Chaos Dungeon. At Military District, the Chaos Dungeon can be accessed from now after meeting a certain item level. We will learn how to farm Perception Shard and Disorder Crystals as well as learn how to spend all the shards and crystals in order to obtain higher-level endgame items through this guide.

Disorder Crystals And Perception Shard Vendor Location In Lost Ark

Disorder Crystals and Perception Shard is farmed or obtained after completing the Chaos Dungeon. It can accumulate slowly or gradually depending on the time you invest in. However, once you have accumulated enough Disorder Crystal and Perception Shard, what to do with it? There is a vendor close to your current location perhaps if you are near the Chaos Dungeon Statue as shown in the image below, the vendor whose title suggests Exchange Chaos Dungeon Shard.

Lost Ark

Nevertheless, we must keep on advancing the main story in order to unlock new Chaos Dungeons and gain the best possible loots according to your current progress. Before entering any Chaos Dungeon, there is a limitation on how much you can enter to obtain high-level items or equipment. Aura of Resonance is awarded or reset to 100 per day and 50 is consumed for every matchmaking. Once you hit 0 Aura Resonance, you will start farming Disorder Crystals and Perception Shards which is eventually not a bad deal as you can exchange it for sweet items or resources depending on your choice.

Even if you forget or skip any Chaos Dungeon for a day or two, the Rest Bonus will compensate you better items for the day you have missed. Now we know where to exchange the Disorder Crystal and Perception Shard, if we want more informative guides on Lost Ark, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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