Lost Ark Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle Solution How To Complete

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Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Smilegate. Phantom Palace is one of the dungeons that you need to unlock by completing the Rohendel questline. To reach the Rohendel continent you need to do a few quests first and then upgrade your ship to level 2.

The first requirement is to reach your item level 460+. Once your item level reaches the threshold you need to speak to Ealyn the Queen of North Vern. You can find her in the Vern Castle, interact with her and she will give you two quests to finish which are:

  • A New Voyage
  • Wall of Procyon

Once you complete these quests, you will now be able to upgrade your ship level and manually steer your boat to reach the Rohendel ports. Below you will find how to complete the chess puzzle that you will encounter in the phantom palace of Rohendel island.

Lost Ark Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle Guide

Once you reach the phantom puzzle you need to fight your way through the palace till you investigate the chess room. In that room, you need to solve the chess puzzle three times where each time you solve the puzzle a magical door appears that you need to enter and fight with a boss.

To solve this puzzle you need to put the chess pieces in symmetrical order. You need to check the black chess pieces and white pieces and how they are facing each other on the board. You need to pick up the pieces that are missing from the board and place them so symmetry will form on the board.

1st Chess Puzzle

In the first chess puzzle, the white queen is missing you need to pick it up and place it exactly the opposite of where the black queen is placed.

2nd Chess Puzzle

On the second chess puzzle, you need to pick up the white horse and place it on the opposite side of the black horse diagonal to the white pawn.

3rd Chess Puzzle

On the third puzzle, you need to pick up the black pawn and place it diagonal to the white pawn in the middle of the board and the king as shown in the image above.

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