Rambutan Orchard Secret Location Lost Ark Guide Where To Go

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Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Smilegate. While fighting with normal monsters sometimes you get some scrolls dropped and once these scrolls are activated from inventory, a new side quest will be added for you to complete. Below you will find one such quest called “Rambutan Orchard

Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard Secret Area Location

In the flowering orchard area, while fighting with the Twisted Rambutan Tree monster, a scroll sometimes might drop. This scroll is added to your inventory and once you activate it, you can find the quest activated on the right side.

One such quest you will find while fighting with the Rambutan tree is the Rambutan Orchard’s secret. The objective of the quest is to go to the secret area in the Rambutan Orchard. And the description of the quest is “I picked up the key to the orchard warehouse that the orchard keeper dropped. With this key, I could open the round orchard warehouses that are locked.¬† was told the secret warehouse in the Rambutan Orchard is near the northeast side”.

As the end part of the description tells the player that the secret Rambutan Orchard is near the northeast side, many players might get confused and tired of finding it. As the secret orchard can be found in the middle area of the map. Check out the above image to find the exact location where you will find the secret Rambutan Orchard.

Once you reach the area, enter the warehouse and interact with the hidden workbench and you will find a mysterious research journal. After reading the journal open the quest and click on the complete button to successfully complete the quest.

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