Lost Ark Resist Or Swear Fealty To Scherrit Both Choice Results

lost arkLost Ark is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Smilegate. Once the battle of Luterra starts you will get to know a lot about the Luterra lore and have to free the people from the clutches of evil king Scherrit. You need to defeat the evil king and help Thirain become the new king and save the people of Luterra. While fighting the evil king you will get a choice to either swear fealty to him or resist his offer. Below you will find both the choice result and which one should you pick.

Lost Ark Resist Or Swear Fealty To Scherrit Choice Result

Once you reach East Luterra where you help prince Thirain to recapture the Luterra Castle, you will have to march down to the battlefield and clear out the castle and open the main door. Once all of these quests are completed and you are inside the castle, you have to face the evil king Scherrit.

He will then give you a choice to join his army and rule over Luterra. At this point, you will get two options to either resist or swear fealty to Scherrit. This is the second choice you get in the game as the first one was to either save the bandit boss or ignore it.

Just like the previous choice, this choice is also an illusion, no matter whichever choice you choose you to have to fight the evil king and save Luterra. If you choose to resist, Scherrit was saying “So be it… If you want to die with Thirain. I shall grant your wish”.

If you choose to swear fealty your character will bow down and Scherrit will say ” A wise decision. You’ll make a fine addition to my..” and before he could complete the sentence your character will start attacking him and the battle will start.

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