Lost Ark- Dalian Orchard Secret Location To Complete Quest

lost arkIn Lost Ark, we have been farming XP’s to unlock new abilities or skills and upgrade them to create flashy and damaging combos. Till now, we have been given a location for almost every single quest, all we had to do was explore through the area and interact with a few NPC’s depending on the quests. However, there are quests that will not reveal the location to where you will have to travel and interact. These quests are dropped after searching mysterious locations or eliminating the mobs in a specific area. Similarly, a quest obtained in East Luterra Continent i.e. “Dalian Orchard Secret” does not reveal the location to where we have to travel. We have compiled this post specifically for this quest which will reveal what and where you need to go in order to complete the quest and earn sweet XP’s.

Dalian Orchard Secret Location To Complete Quest For Lost Ark

Lost ArkLost Ark

First, we need to have explored the Flowering Orchard in East Luterra and unlocked the Triport “Sien Inn“. Not far from there as shown in the image above, you will need to travel to the exact location. There you will find a small hut which can be ignored if not searching or have any intention of exploring which we do mostly unless you have some other motive i.e. searching Mokoko Seeds.

Simply reach the shown location, and interact with the quest to complete the Dalian Orchard Secret Quest for extra XPs and rewards. For more informative guides on Lost Ark, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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