Lost Ark- All Mokoko Seeds In Prideholme Location

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In Lost Ark, we have multiple collectibles hidden in each continent and area. Mokoko seeds are one of the collectibles which is overwhelmingly huge in number. To make it worse they all are hidden in plain sight or at some of the hidden passages which we almost overlook during our exploration. In this guide, we have started compiling posts for Mokoko Seeds location i.e. found or collected in the Prideholme.

All Mokoko Seeds In Prideholme Location For Lost Ark

Lost ArkSpeaking of Makoko Seeds we have shown an image where all 9 Makoko seeds for Prideholme are listed. The problem is that there are secret locations or place which is not registered or shown on the image or map above. Therefore it is quite tricky to know at which map there are paths that will lead you to a hidden chest or hidden collectibles.

Lost Ark2 Mokoko seeds are found in the black part of the map on the left side of Prideholme Cathedral. It is a hidden route found inside the Cathedral which is shown in the image above. Enter the dark area where 2 Mokoko seeds are ready to be plucked. Rest all 7 Mokoko seeds can be found referring to the image of a map.

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