Sifu Squats Locked Door, How To Open The Door Before First Boss


Sifu is an action adventurer fighting game developed by Sloclap. There is a total of 5 stages that you need to complete in order to finish the game. In each stage, you will find a lot of collectibles and keys. These keys are used to open doors where you can find other collectibles or it makes your run shorter and you will reach the boss faster without taking much damage or losing age.

The first stage in this game is called squats where you need to find 2 keys and 17 collectibles. If you try to get all the keys and collectibles still you will miss one out as the door before the main boss will be locked. You cannot find the squats locked door key at that stage.

In this game, you need to play all the stages multiple times and sometimes you might get collectibles that will work on other stages. Similarly to find the squats locked door key, you need to play the other stages and obtain the collectibles. Below you will find where you need to go in order to obtain the locked door key.

Sifu Squats Locked Door Key Location

To open the squats locked door, players need to fight their way to the final stage called The Sanctuary. There you will find a room with the number 206 that you need to open to get the flower key. The keycard to open room 206 can be found before you fight the first boss on the table.

Room 206 is will be located upstairs on the Sanctuary map on the left side at the end of the hallways on the right side of the window. Once you reach the room, open the door to obtain the flower key. The flower key can be used to open the locked squats door where inside you will find the final collectible to complete the first stage Squats 100%

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