Sifu- How To Beat Third Boss Fast And Easily


If you have read the previous post on how to defeat the Second Boss “Sean” The Fighter in Sifu, then we must know the important game mechanics of evading. In case, you don’t know how to evade properly, then we will explain it again to you in this guide. The third stage “Museum” might have the most annoying boss speaking personally. So, we have compiled a guide specifically on how to defeat “Kuroki” The Artist.

How To Beat Third Boss Fast And Easily In Sifu

After playing through normally and defeating each and every enemy, you will be able to collect Stairs Key and Elevator Key which will make it easier the next time you visit the museum. However, instead of hopping onto the Elevator and triggering the boss battle, you can maximize the efficiency of Shrine usage.


Use Stairs and defeat all enemies on the second exhibition floor to gain access to the first Shrine in the specific room as shown in the image above. On the Fourth Exhibition Floor, the Shrine will be found that can be used and take the elevator immediately without entering the mob fight area. Now, you have unlocked or learned 3 new buffs instead of learning 1 when you use Elevator from the ground floor.

Finally, we come to the boss fight! Her attack pattern is messed up, she will attack low, up, low, up, and charge low quite frequently. To evade, hold Block and time it perfectly when she attack with Up, Back, Up, Back, and Up. Instead of following or chasing let her come towards you. Fill up your Focus gauge and try to Focus sweep attack as well as mount on her to punch for extra damage when she is down.

When she charges with her weapon rotating her weapon like a windmill from side to side, it is better to dodge and create space between you and her. Attack with a specific combo that follows up with sweep attack or pushes her back in order to run and sweep. Once the first stage is over, the second stage is not much of a nuisance. Take a deep breath and calmly evade her attack left and right. She will dropkick at the end of the combo which must be evaded by flicking back direction. Rest all her attacks can be evaded left and right.

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