Sifu- How To Beat Sean The Second Boss Fast And Easily


In Sifu, we have learned that multiple trial and error will let us adapt to the current stage difficulty whereas the attack pattern of mobs and bosses. The second stage “Club” is where the enemies seem strong and difficult to defeat. Talking about its boss might be infuriating for a few Sifu players as he might seem to deal unfair damage and breaks the structure easily. To learn how to defeat the second Boss “Sean” The Fighter easily, we have compiled pretty good information which will help learn the game mechanics for new players that will be useful in the future run and higher stage.

How To Block And Attack Second Boss Easily In Sifu

Before diving straight to the boss, there is a mob of enemies who might hit hard unexpectedly to let us age. They might be a great way to earn XP but if we are speedrunning or focusing on the clearing stage with a minimum age of 20, this trick will save lots of time and health.

After defeating the lady whose kicks sting in the disco area near the first shrine. Next, advance forward till the next shrine which will be placed in a gym area that will not attack unless you attack them first. Use the shrine and run all the way to the door where the enemy with the red boxer will be standing. Select “Trials” by which he will explain you and let you leave without a fight.

The next area is where we get a glimpse of Sean in an alley, defeat all the enemies, and wait till the lady standing on top will start a conversation. Select “Sean”, which will allow you to leave the area without fighting her.

Finally speaking of the final boss, instead of dodging the attacks, make sure to evade his attack by pressing the block button and moving the direction left or right during the first phase. You can parry the attack to break the structure which is the difficult and fastest way to defeat him, however, it is quite tricky for new players to time the parry.

Instead of parrying, evading is the safest option which will allow you to hit him with your combos to deal greater damage. During the second phase, he will start sweeping in between or while starting his combo. To block the sweep, press the block button and move front. This evasion maneuver will help you in the future when the bosses like to sweep your feet.

Note: Make sure to invest in the structure and successful evasion to regain the structure and focus in a shrine.

Evasion: Hold the Block button and press the directional inputs. Left/Right evasion is commonly used to evade incoming blows. Back evasion is used when heavy enemies charge forward to grab. Front evasion is used to evade sweep or low attack.

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