Sifu Calbot How To Unlock This Move & Where To Find It?

sifuSifu is an action adventurer fighting game developed by Sloclap. There are various collectibles hidden across the stage in Sifu that players need to find and collect to fill the investigation board. Various keycards and keys can also be found to unlock the alternate path towards the main boss which will make the route shorter.

All these collectibles and keys can be found on the investigation board and shown at the bottom of the screen before you start a stage. Calbot is one of the secret hidden move that players need to find and below you will find how to unlock it.

Sifu How To Unlock Calbot Focus Attack & Where To Find The Mask

Calbot is the secret hidden move that you need to find within the stage and then use your XP to unlock it. Upon finding this move you will unlock a trophy called “Path of the Prospect”. The Calbot attack is a focus move that you can unlock using 500XP. To permanently unlock it you need to spend 2500XP.

To find the Calbot focus attack you need to first reach the third stage of the game called the Museum. If you have completed the stage before you can use the keycard to go through the stairs to the 3rd floor else you can visit through the exhibition and find the key to open the locked gate on the third floor. Behind the gate, you can find the mini-boss near the marble statue with a bamboo stick.

You need to defeat the mini-boss, avoid or parry her attack to quickly break her guard, or use your sweep focus attack and use the weapon to defeat her. Once you defeat her go and interact with the statue shown in the above image. After interacting the statue will be added to your investigation board and you will unlock the trophy called “Path of the Prospect”. After that open your skill tree to find the Calbot focus attack at the bottom of the skill list.

Note: The Skill takes one focus bar and pats the head of the enemy and that’s it. This is an easter egg reference from the company previous game Absolver.

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