Sifu- What Is Permanent Unlock And When To Do It?

sifuOnce you start the game Sifu, the story and combat are top tiers. It is a classic example of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. At a single run, you can accumulate XP which is used to purchase skills from the skill tree at Shrine or at every Death. Each skill has a different learning condition and what we need is to learn them permanently which will help you in the future run.

What Is Permanent Unlock And When To Do It In Sifu?

It is recommended to farm XP and accumulates them before spending them all in the first shrine or death. If the skills are locked and you want to learn, you can purchase the skill which will only unlock for the specific run.

To permanently unlock the skill, it is required to purchase it 5x times more. For example, a skill costs 500 XP to unlock and more 5x times 500 XP to unlock it permanently. The permanent skills which are unlocked can be used for future runs.

Even if you are not able to permanently unlock the skill, the amount of purchase left for unlocking it will remain the same. You will just have to repeat the process of learning the skill first for the run and next apply all your XP on the same skill.

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