Lost Ark Sunflowers For My Love Hidden Story All Hints & Clues Location

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Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Smilegate. There are a few hidden stories for you to investigate in this game and the first hidden story you can find is the “Sunflower For My Love”. You can find any marker for this quest on the map. To activate this story you need to be in  Prideholm which is the first city you will go to after the introduction. Below you will find how to activate this story, find the second and third hints to complete the quest.

Lost Ark Sunflower For My Love Hints Location

To start the story you need to visit the location marked in the above image. There stand near the door and you will find a magnifying glass symbol. Upon investigating the location you will find a memo and the message written on it is:

”Honey, I’d love to have some sunflowers in our garden.”

“Why are you so fickle? The other day you said you wanted ivy; now you want sunflowers? Woman, can’t you give your husband a break? Aww, it’s going to take forever to get to the Loghill Wildflower Garden. Tsk, tsk.”

The old man clucked and grumbled as he packed his bag.

Loghill Wildflower Garden Location

This is the first clue you get to complete the story, for the next clue you need to visit the Loghill wildflower garden. Check out the image below to find the location of the second clue, there you will find a bunch of sunflowers that you need to investigate.

The message in the second clue is:

‘”Oh, look how vivid its color is! My wife would love it. I wish she had come here with me, that lazy hag.”

The old man carefully picked seeds from the sunflower and planted them in his garden in Prideholme.

After finding the second clue return back to the house where you got the first clue in Prideholme and on the right side of the house you will find a bunch of sunflowers interact with them to find the third clue and complete the hidden story.

Thanks to the fertile land, warm sunlight, and the old man’s care, the sunflowers had grown as tall as he was. Like a farmer about to harvest his yearly crops, the old man smiled proudly.

“Woman, see my skill? Tell me if there’s another geezer in Rethramis who can grow sunflowers as well as I can!”‘

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