Lost Ark Save The Bandits Boss Or Ignore Choice Results

lost ark

Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Smilegate. While all the quests are pretty straightforward at the starting of the game you will get to make your first choice in The Nomads Meeting quest.

In this quest, the nomads are attacked by bandits and you need to defeat them. Upon defeating all the bandits the boss comes in the cutscene and summons his pet to disrupt the meeting. The pet is a giant worm who tries to eat his own master, the bandit boss.

Here you get your first choice in this game either to save the bandit boss or ignore it while the giant worm eats him. Below you will find the result of both the choice and which one should you pick.

Lost Ark Save Bandit Or Ignore Giant Worm

After defeating the normal bandits, the boss bandits appear with his pet worm and the choice that you get is to either save or ignore. If you try to save the boss bandit, your characters go towards the giant worm and hit it. The worm will throw out the bandit, but he will be unapologetic and make the comment about receiving help from an enemy, at least none of the other bandits saw that and run away and you have to fight the giant worm.

If you try to ignore the bandit and worm, eventually the worm will spit out the bandit far away and you have to eventually fight the giant worm. We still don’t know if these choices were only related to the cutscene or will affect any further quest. But for now you could go with your gut decision on either to save or ignore. No matter whichever choice you choose, you have to fight the giant worm and as you lower the worm HP, Armen joins you in killing the worm.

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